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With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world. Sponsoring the Rotary Club of Great Neck means school supplies for at-risk youth. Food low income families. Giving children in need the opportunity to participate in enriching after-school programs. Promoting the arts and culture through free summer concerts. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.

Become an Official Sponsor by purchasing a spot on our Sponsors Banner. We proudly display this banner at all of our activities throughout the year. Get your business' logo on the banner and let the community know that you stand for the values of Rotary.

These are some of the venues where the banner will be displayed:


  • 35 Rotary Club of Great Neck meetings a year, where local leaders, business people, rotarians from other clubs, speakers and concerned individuals convene to seek solutions to the most prescient issues in our community.

  • 10-12 Dinner gatherings a year at local restaurants

  • Multiple professional networking events held in partnership with the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce and other networking organizations

  • 4 Rotary Summer Concerts, a public service aimed at promoting culture, the arts, and creating an opportunity for residents to gather and interact with their neighbors in a festive environment.

  • Annual Free Thanksgiving Dinners event at the US Merchant Marine Academy, where over 100 volunteers gather to pack 1,500 complete thanksgiving dinners for families in need. This event is covered by local newspapers. The Sponsors Banner will be featured in a prominent location.

  • Annual Oral Cancer Screening, where over 60 members of the public receive a free oral cancer screening by a trained specialist

  • Annual Rotary Youth Merit Awards, where the Rotary Club of Great Neck recognizes local middle school students who have demonstrated “an exemplary level of community service, as determined by their school administrators.” Parents, community leaders, school and government officials attend this event. The Sponsors Banner will be featured in official photographs and reporting related to the event.

  • Food Packaging Event, a festive, hands-on opportunity for over 100 volunteers to roll up their sleeves and feed the hungry. The meals are packaged, sealed, and distributed to the food insecure locally and internationally.


Sponsorship Levels

The media is a 81x39 inch rollup banner. The design will include the logo of the Rotary Club of Great Neck at the top, and the image seen at the top of this page with the words "Together, We Inspire". The middle section is divided into boxes for each sponsor's logo. There will be 1 banner produced annually. There will be a maximum of 10 sponsors featured in the banner. The first two slots at the top are larger, measuring 12x12 inches. The remaining 8 spots measure 12x6 inches.

The pricing to have your logo featured for a 1 year period on the banner is as follows:

  • Large Box (12"x12"): $300
  • Small Box (12"x6"): $250


How To Pay

Payments can be done by check made to Rotary Club of Great Neck, P.O. Box 220019 Great Neck, NY 11022-0019 

You may also pay by credit card here: (Credit card transaction fees charged by the credit card companies apply)
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Submit Your Artwork

Please email your artwork to sponsor@rotaryclubgreatneck.org