This picture is the Mother and Gift Life Child arriving at the AIrport while
Rotarian  Lee  Robbins points to the Rotary ad promoting End Polio now campaign.

The Photo below is a picture of Genesis a Gift of Life Child 
 and her mother   

Below are Rotarians at the Start of the "Walk to benefit the Gift of Life" 
held in Morgan Park in Glen Cove on Sunday October 24, 2010

                                                                          The Start and Finish line for the "Walk to Benefit the Gift of Life" 



 Another Gift of Life Child with his Mother at 
The Ronald McDonald House   

A Gift of Life Child visiting our club

Picture is the 2007-2008 District Gov. Sammy Hasio 
and Rotary Club 2007-2008 President Bernard Sandler
along with the Gift of Life Child and mother